Every weekend you promise yourself you are going to sit down with a glass of wine and crank out your website.

Then Monday rolls around and all you have is a bunch of links to a bunch of sites that tell you how to kinda put a site together, but not WHAT to include in your website. The hangover headache that won’t leave you alone doesn’t help either. Womp wommmmp!

Website stressing you out? Let Website Prep 101 walk you through it!Stop wasting your weekends going in Google circles and getting frustrated!

The blueprint is laid out for you and is yours for the taking with Website Prep 101.


What’s included?

  • Content guide delivered by PDF download
  • “Start Here” PDF workbook/printable*

Hi! I’m Auntee Rik, and I created Website Prep 101 because as an 11 year freelance web designer I got tired of waiting for clients to figure out their site’s content, which meant that I’d have to put their project – and my livelihood – on hold. That’s not a win for either party, yaknow?

I also wanted to make sure that anyone who came to me for website design had content that would help them to turn that site into a money maker. I mean, after all, at some point, you do want to use your site to make money, right?

After doing extensive research as part of a Project Management (Cum Laude shawty) paper and continuing the project into my Masters of Human Resource Management, I had a hard time finding any reference material that plainly laid out the steps for bringing together all the components of website content. So. Here we are.

With many designers wanting complete content before they even accept you as a client these days, Website Prep 101 is the perfect way to become your favorite designer’s favorite client. If you’re going the DIY route, there’s nothing like sitting in front of the computer and actually completing something in the time you’ve allotted.

Your Web Prep 101 was EXCELLENT. You gave me pointers that I could use. Thank you for making that a must do.

Think about the number of times you went looking for information on the web. You get to the one site that says it has what you want and then, there’s little to no information there. The despair, the frustration, the lost sale. Don’t do that to your site’s visitors. Get Website Prep 101 and let’s get you together!

How this works


*If you purchase the Quick Guide before launch of the online course, you will receive a couple of add-ons via the email you used for purchase.


I want to do build my site myself. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! This guide has the steps for gathering what you will need for your site, whether you build it yourself (DIY) or hire someone else to do it.

I don’t have a lot of money to start my online business. Will this work for me?

It sure will. There’s nothing wrong with using a free or low-cost website option when you are starting out. The guide is designed not only to help you put your content together but to also explore your options and figure out what your budget can handle.

I want to open an online store; how can Website Prep 101 help me?

Website Prep 101 touches on the basics of an online store. The Digital Binder contains the extras you need for operating an online store, including basic compliance and additional content needed.

How is this information delivered?

Your first PDF ebook will be available for instant download upon receipt of payment.

Do I have to hire you to build my site if I take this class/use this guide?

Nope. Purchasing Website Prep 101 does not come with the obligation to hire Suite369 to build your site. What it is designed to do is to help you and the developer/designer of your choice build you a site that meets your needs, OR to save you countless hours going back and forth through Google searches looking for what to include when you decide to DIY. And the faster you get your content done, the sooner you can get to the fun part of picking out fonts, colors and images!

I’m a music artist/producer/videographer/ photographer/model/publicist/non-profit, can I use this?

Sure can. No matter your industry, Website Prep 101 is the website content guide for you.

What is your refund policy?

Website Prep 101 is accessible and delivered digitally, so there are no refunds.

I have more questions…

No problem! Just shoot an email to support@mysuite369.com

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