Do you wish you were using Dubsado to its full potential, but it seems like every time you sit down to work on it, it makes you wish there was a brick wall in your office to bang your head on?

Dubsado is a lot.

A whole lot.

Most times, though, it just takes a second set of Dubsado + Operations experienced eyes to get you off the ledge and back on track.

You’ve set up your account and are using it, a little bit. Now you’re ready to automate, so you can get on with other, more fun things… like chilling on the chaise avoiding your to-do list. Except… the workflows… the workflows won’t do what you want them to do, sending you into a Diddy rant [NSFW Warning]

Welllllll let’s work it out!


Here’s how this works:

  • Choose your appointment date and time below.
  • Answer a few questions.
  • Pay your invoice.
  • Show up for your appointment.
*Please note, Dubsado (or any other platform that does not use Artificial Intelligence technologies for that matter) does not automagically create workflows out of the thoughts running through your genius mind. I know, I know… I wish it did, too.
What’s included?

Teach Me How To Dubby is a live video with screen share tutorial session, that lasts up to 60 minutes.

You will receive (at minimum):

  • the recording of your session, unedited;
  • at least one template file for your Focus Area so you can copy the action as needed
What you need:
  • complete the questionnaire at booking;
  • complete the pre-work before your appointment;
  • a wifi connection;
  • a mic connection (nothing fancy, I just need to be able to hear you);
It helps to have:
  • Chrome browser;
  • webcam with mic or access from your phone camera and mic (so I can see AND hear you).

Book Your Teach Me How To Dubby Session Below

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