What’s in the [tool]box: Canned Emails to Save You Time

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In the [tool]box series of #thesundaysnatch, we’re going over items that will help make workflows and automation much easier for you. There’s no shortcuts, but I trust you’ll find these guides helpful in getting your back-end together. Now. Let’s get into it.

Save Time with Canned Emails

Something I want you to put into your toolbox is a library of canned emails.

If you have ever said or thought one or all of the statements below in regards to automating your admin, I’m here to call you out.

> I don’t say the same thing every time.

Yeah you do. Your salutation and closing may be different, but the meat of your message is generally the same. Orrrr your middle message may basically be the same, but your opening and closing are a tad different. Go look at the emails you send for pitches or to respond to inquiries over the last 6 months. If you want to fight about it, meet me in Temecula lol.

> I customize everything.

Do you really? That has GOT to be time consuming. You should book a session with me so we can consolidate the set(s) of offerings you have so you can maximize your time. But really, even if you customize each offering or deck or proposal, whatever for every person you communicate with in that vein, I’m 98% sure that those customized items are comprised of standard sets of items, text, etc.

> I like my emails to have a personal touch.

You’re writing them, they’re personal… and that’s as personal as digital communication can get.


Now. If you still want to argue me down, this post isn’t going to be of much value to you right now. You should bookmark it somehow so that when the lightbulb goes off, you can refer back to it.

What’s that? You see where I’m coming from? Cool! Let’s go through some canned email examples to get you started, as shared on this post.


Three Use Examples for Canned Emails


You may (or may not) know that I use Dubsado to manage a lot of the admin of my consulting and design business. Any time you need to send a form, contract, invoice through Dubsado and email, it is accompanied by a canned email. While they have default templates (which I definitely feel you should customize), you are free to create your own. Even if you use a different platform for automation or do everything manually, you definitely want to take inventory and make use of your canned emails.

Note: Where you see the double brackets – {{text in here}} – that is where smart fields are and Dubsado fills them in for you according to the info you have put into those fields.


Use #1: Automated email for order placed online

When I had my logo shop, the premise was for people to be able to purchase a logo for a lot less (almost 90%) than what I charge for custom brand visuals. The logo shop came with restrictions, and at that price point, I wanted to reduce the amount of admin surrounding that service as much as possible. This email was sent when someone would choose this service option, and included the link to a form for them to customize the design of their choosing, as well as pay for the files all in one fell swoop.

canned-email-example*If you’d like an email signature with some pizazz, check out WiseStamp.


Use #2: Invoice Payment Coming Due

Sending an “invoice is due soon” email a few days prior is an often overlooked canned email. It serves as a reminder for your client to make sure funds are available via the payment method they have chosen. Even if they are on auto-draft payments, if their card expired between the last payment and now, sometimes it’s a signal to update that so that the payment doesn’t fail.

I especially love using these in Dubsado, because I have the first reminder set to go out 3 days before the due date, and if someone makes the payment sooner, it cancels the reminder send.

While my business emails are generally casual/conversational in nature, my reminder emails carry a tone that is a teensy bit sterner.

Good day {{client.firstName}},

Here’s a gentle reminder that you have a payment of {{scheduledPayment | paymentAmountDue}}, due on {{scheduledPayment | paymentDueDate}}.

The link to your invoice is below. You may also access your invoice and payment schedule through your portal.

This is an automatically generated email reminder. If you have already made payment within the last 12 hours, thank you very much and please disregard this notice.

Thank you!

use #3: General Service Inquiry

So this one here is part of an automated workflow. Someone goes to the site, fills out a very short lead generation form – a la request for info. When they choose the service they want, it triggers which form and canned email goes out with it. Another plus with Dubsado in terms of workflows is that even though the canned email is set up and ret ta go, you can have the workflow pause and get your approval before it sends, so you can zhush it up. This is where you can personalize even more.

Good day {{client.firstName}}!

Thanks so much for inquiring about Suite369 Logo Design and Development services.

To get the design process started, I will need you to complete the questionnaire (link below). Once that is received and reviewed we can move forward with a consultation or other options.

{{form | formLink}}

Thanks so much for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Truth be told, a lot of your communication is automated, especially with larger entities in the customer service realm. You don’t need to go mad technical with it… a simple Google Docs file with the text will do ya. If you use Gmail (free or GSuite), there is an option for canned emails there as well.

If you’re still trying to get the wheels turning around canned emails, one way to get going is to write at least one canned email for each stage of your Customer Journey. See https://www.suite369.com/blog/supporting-policies/ for reference.

Are you using canned emails?

Would you like to start using them, or build your library?

Here’s a canned email pack of Payment related emails, as well as canned emails for the default templates that you can adjust to your style. If you use Dubasdo, they’re set up with the smart fields for you. If you don’t use Dubsado, you can replace those smart fields to suit the system you use.


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