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Yall! My fave webinar platform made some changes in their plans and unfortunately it no longer makes sense for me to use them. This made me sad because I was using it to have video calls with clients. I have been trying to avoid that popular, free platform everyone seems to love like the plague (had a bad experience the first time I used it), but ended up giving it another try. It worked, but I was still not in love with it because downloads.

getting stood up led me to free video calls

On Thursday, I had a meeting scheduled but that person ended up being a no-show (boooo). However, in looking at the appointment details, I decided to check out a URL, and lo and behold *insert angels singing here* I found my new tool for video calls.

Now, let me go through my criteria:

  • No downloads required for me or guests
  • Recording
  • Economical
  • Screen sharing a plus

Hooooo chillay! This baby boasts all that, PLUS

  • 2 people can screenshare at a time
  • Up to 50 people in a room
  • Calls up to 3 hours (!)
  • I can have separate rooms/dedicated URLs – which means for my contract clients, we can use the same link every time!
  • I can add team members (they need to create their own account first)
  • The interface is hella simple to use
  • THIS 👏🏾 BIH 👏🏾 IS 👏🏾 FREE!!!

While I haven’t tested out the screenshare option yet, I am riding with Daily.co.

Now, before you run off to sign up, let me give you a few pointers so you get off on the best foot.

  • Sign up using my link. Once you’re in you’ll be able to get your own referral link. There’s no money in that yet, but “share to keep it free” is enough incentive to get your own. https://d.daily.co?tk=21B5GUaZdBq_
  • Team members can enter a room without “knocking”. Team members also have access to all of your non-private rooms, so keep that in mind if you create rooms for your client calls.
  • If you plan to record, you MUST use the Chrome browser on a computer (not on mobile).
  • There are 2 options for downloading your recording – local (to your computer) and cloud. Cloud is free for now, but there will be a charge associated with it eventually. I saved my test recording to my computer… but you have to convert it and follow the instructions exactly. Downloading the call is a tad bit more cumbersome than other platforms, but it’s a small price to pay for this awesome free-ness. I attached mine to my Google Drive and it worked awesomely. Here’s the directions for that https://help.daily.co/en/articles/1817293-local-meeting-recording-free

So yeah… go ahead and grab your account. Then let me know how you like it, on Twitter or Facebook (aunteerik)

And if you’d like to see how I use it, consider booking a session with me.


free video calls in your web browser. no download https://d.daily.co?tk=21B5GUaZdBq_

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