This is an adaptation of my post originally published on 3/19/16

It’s Spring Again…

It’s Spring! Yes! [well, except if you have allergies]. This is really when we begin to kick it up a notch, especially if it’s a little warmer outside. We take the time to spring clean our homes and wardrobes, we should also take this time to give our digital life a freshening up. Here’s some ways you can do your digital spring cleaning, no vacuum needed!

Contact list

How many contacts are you carrying around that you don’t use? Do you use the category field? How about syncing contact lists?

Take 30 minutes and scroll through your phone. Use the category field and mark for business, personal, dormant or who? You may be surprised to find someone in there that you forgot about but now is a good time to see what they’re up to. Maybe yall can help each other out with something.

Social Media

With most all of the popular platforms controlling if and when you see content, now’s a good time to clean up your social media accounts. If you use a platform like Hootsuite, you can create columns for people whose accounts you don’t want to miss – much quieter than setting notifications for when they post.

Old documents and client files

Create a folder for old docs you don’t want to get rid of. Name it “z_old_files”; using the “z” puts it at the end of your folder list, because alphabet. Like. It’s there, but not in the way. As a general rule, if it’s been a year since you’ve used it, put it in there. Short on hard drive space? Zip the folder then use Dropbox or Drive to hold the zip file. Use underscores instead of spaces between words for better digital file/file name management.

Side Note: I don’t advise including anything with personal or financial information, nor passwords or stuff that needs to be kept super secret for cloud storage.

Subscription accounts

If the only time you remember you’re a member of a site is when you get the renewal receipt, it’s time to cancel it, lower your level or negotiate a better rate. On a Hashtag & Stilettos podcast episode, Necole of xoNecole spoke about the tens of thousands she spent unnecessarily over a few months by not reviewing her hosting server needs. Even $5 a month over a couple of years adds up.

Now. If it’s a service you’ll use again soon AND it’s a grandfathered rate, I would probably keep it if it’s a big difference in rate and doesn’t affect your bottom line too much.


*sigh* I cheat with this. I tend to just move everything out of my inbox into a folder and then I feel better. I also keep a separate email address for newsletters and such. But if you want to be really good, go ahead and set up folders, filters and rules and such to keep you organized.

Newsletter account

Cleanse your email marketing account(s). Have a look at your stats and find out who hasn’t opened your last 3-6 campaigns. Send an email to just them, asking if they still want to receive your emails and if so, reply or reconfirm by a certain date. Then actually remove the ones who don’t reply by that date. If open rates matter to you, it’s better to have a smaller list with more active opens, than a large list that hovers consistently around 13%.

Links to shared articles

Something I’ve been seeing a lot lately – people give their site a makeover, but forget to update links that they share on social media & other online outlets. So what happens? You schedule your social posts, they go out, someone clicks and get taken to a 404 page saying that what you’re looking for doesn’t exist. They think, “aint nobody got time for this“, your bounce rate goes up and you may have lost a reader, especially if this happens with more than one of your links. Losing one person may not be so bad. But multiply that by 25% of your total follower count – across all platforms you posted it – every time that link goes out. Get my drift? Definitely worth taking the time to update these.


You don’t have to limit your clean up to the spring. Do it quarterly – or monthly where you focus on a different area so that it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Want more tips for digital spring cleaning? Join me for the Digital Spring Cleaning challenge, kicking off April 15th!

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