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Your visual branding sets the tone for how your audience receives you. If you’re looking to have your logo and WordPress website crafted in a manner that encourages an uptick in your bottom line, you’re in the right place. To get the process started and to see if we’re a good fit for each other, let’s start with what you need + where you’d like to grow your business. Please use the form below to receive design service information and begin your project reservation. 

Site changes are in progress but that won’t stand in the way of starting your new brand journey. Start with the form below.


Current Services

Brand Visuals Development

Text based logo delivered as vector eps, jpg and transparent png; all the file types you need for commercial and large print, and web/email projects. Additional digital and print brand visuals, such as business card design or social media graphic templates.  From $950.

Web Design & Development

5-page site and Site with Blog options (from $1,750) . *All content must be ready and provided to begin.

Logo + Web

Combine a logo with your WordPress site and take your world by storm! Bundle rates available for 5-page site and Site with Blog options.

The Logo Shop at Suite369

Text based logo delivered as jpg and transparent png files. From $100 See current selection at

How it Works - Work With Me, The Process

The Lobby

This is where we are now… looking around, trying to figure out if we’re going to move forward. You send me your info via the form above, I send you a questionnaire to get all up in your business. You send the completed questionnaire back and I send you an invitation to the Meeting Suite…

The Meeting Suite - Work With Me, The Process Step 1

  • Once you have selected your meeting time for consultation, we will get together over the phone and talk about your project and your goals. We’ll decide on how to proceed from there.
  • If we decide to move forward, you will be sent your Service Agreement, payment schedule and invoice. Your reservation is confirmed once the agreement is signed and first payment is made.

The Prep Suite - Work With Me, The Process Step 2

  • Once your project reservation is complete, you will receive a link to your portal which will include your content guide, timeline and homework.
  • During this time, I will set up admin and work files for your project.

The Development Suite - Work With Me, The Process Step 3

  • Your project start date has come and, at the very least, I have received the contact information required for different aspects of your project.
  • On my end, this stage begins with logo file set up and me working through different concepts then narrowing down which ones to send you.
  • While you are deciding on your logo direction, I begin installing your new website and all of its components.

The Design Suite - Work With Me, The Process Step 4

  • Once you have chosen your logo concept, I make any necessary modifications and then finalize the files for you. Any additional graphics based on your logo are then created.
  • On the web side, you will review your new site setup for flow and use. This is done BEFORE we make your site pretty, to make sure it works.
  • Any function modifications are made and then it’s time for the site cosmetics.

The Finishing Suite - Work With Me, The Process Step 5 You’ll sign off on your new branding and site, then go off into the sunset and promote the heck out of your new brand visuals… and make all the monies! And don’t worry, your rate includes support after you go live (term will be outlined in your Service Agreement).

Make your reservation now! - Work With Me, The Process One minute is all it takes to get started… simply complete the form below

What happens next?

  • Once you submit your info above, you will receive a questionnaire to get you started.
  • Your questionnaire will provide me with the info needed to craft your new visuals.
  • Your service agreement and invoice will be sent to you.
  • Once we’re signed and cleared, you will be given access to your portal which includes your timeline.

Let’s get it poppin!