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I’m Rikki… Auntee Rik’s what they call me *Martin voice*.

As a Business Analyst, I use my Operations and design experience to help service-based small business owners, freelancers and solopreneurs alleviate the anxiety they feel when it’s time to do admin tasks.


  • Are you tired of repeating yourself every time someone asks you about your services?
  • Are you over coming home to answer inquiry emails after an awesome brunch, weekend or vacation?
  • Are you really good at the service you provide, but your back-end is a H.A.M.?
  • Need some assistance setting – and keeping – boundaries so you don’t feel like your clients are playing you?



See… having your back-end (admin, Operations, systems) in order is a necessity, but the actual act of getting it together is unsexy, and tends to be anxiety-inducing, so most people put it off as long as they can.

While the preferred route is to get that stuff in order when you first start your business, I recognize that for different reasons it usually takes a [near] disaster for bosses to actually want to do something about it.

ah so it go…

No judgment here. What matters to me most is that you’re ready to make that change and rediscover the love you had for your business when you first started. Let’s figure out how I can help.

Note: while this site is undergoing reorganization, not all services are listed, however you can still make an inquiry here. [yes, click right here]


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